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Sri Lanka 4: Spectacular Finds

Sri Lanka

Spectacular Finds

I love the colonial architecture. Sri Lanka has it well represented by the English, Dutch, and Portuguese. The Europeans came over and influenced the whole country. The architectural monuments are spectacular and the architectural salvage– divine!


Among our unique finds and major conversation piece is a striking earthenware tub, from 1905. I’ve never seen a freestanding model like this. The tub isn’t stamped but probably was brought over from England at the turn of the century. A wealthy European most likely brought it over, as this item, is something only the rich or super rich would have had.

The Sri Lankans are tearing down the old. We’re buying these salvage treasures (their history) and bringing them back. Our inventory is new (old) and exciting thanks to Sri Lanka: doors, paneling, windows, lattice, antiques. All one of a kind, never to be duplicated.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our Sri Lanka “finds.” In the world of architectural scavenge; these are some of the best of the best. As far as the wood slabs, they are super rare.

We value the friendships we made in Sri Lanka and the treasures they have allowed us to take with us to share with others. We carefully choose the people we will do business with to ensure we work with those we trust, respect, and those that practice a green approach to the environment.

Everybody should visit Sri Lanka to experience these gentle, artistic people who genuinely greet you with, “May you live long” (in Ayubūvan).