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Exploring and Discovery

Joshua and Jessica Welcome You to their Blog

Exploring hidden corners of the globe, discovering the unusual, seeing the spectacular and encountering unexpected finds in architectural salvage is our mission. Bringing them home to you is our pleasure.

Through trial and error, we found that the road less traveled is the journey that yields extraordinary treasures. We found each journey, not only generates a mother load of irresistible finds, but also tells a special story.

Sharing Stories


We hope you follow and enjoy the stories about the treasures we find and the journey it took to get them. Let us know your ideas and thoughts as they’re important to us.

We’ve been asked by many of our customers to tell them about our travels, what we saw, our interaction with the people, the food, and the excitement of the discovery. They want to know about the items they’re buying, where they come from, their history, and how we found them. They want to see photos…lots of photos, and we love to share them. They enjoy taking home the finds and the stories.

So, it seemed obvious… Ta Da… drum roll please…Welcome to our blog.

Our Bloggers, Owners of Tampa Bay Salvage

Josh White

Job Description—Owner, operator and visionary of Tampa Bay Salvage, Palm Harbor Florida

Quote—“I love what I do. It gets me up in the morning and dreaming at night”

Loves best about his work—  Helping people create their own unique special environment for both commercial and residential

What gets the adrenalin pumped—The anticipation of discovering new finds.

Jessica White

Job Description—Co-Owner, Marketing Director, Manager of Tampa Bay Salvage, Palm Harbor Florida

Quote—“Spreading the word about who we are and the fantastic architectural salvage we have.”

Loves best about her work— Meeting the diversity of great people who come to our shop, even from other states.

What get the adrenalin pumped
— Seeing it grow so quickly with custom orders coming in from around the world.